Introducing C.H.I.P, The World’s First $9 Computer

CHIPWhen you talk about computers, you usually think of powerful devices that feature different functions to help people become more productive and enjoy certain conveniences. Thanks to technology, computers have become quite common and they have shrunk significantly in size but have acquired considerable computing power. While more and more people now have access to computers, a majority of people still cannot afford owning one. An affordable computer is something that can serve a very important in areas where access to computers may still be limited. C.H.I.P may be one solution worth checking out.

C.H.I.P is a very tiny computer that can fit right into the palm of your hand. Consider it as a complete CPU minus the monitor and the input peripherals like the mouse and the keyboard. But what makes it interesting is that its makers call it the world’s first $9 computer.

The C.H.I.P features a 1GHz processor, a 512MB RAM and a 4GB storage. It is a very basic CPU, but good enough to run most of the apps and software being used today. The C.H.I.P comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows peripherals like keyboards and mouse to connect wirelessly. This tiny CPU can connect to both old and new types of monitors with the right adapter attached to it.

The C.H.I.P runs on an open source OS that is easy to operate and navigate. It also comes with the LibreOffice suite of applications to create documents, spreadsheets and even presentations. Users can browse the Web using the Chromium browser. It can even teach users basic programming with Scratch already preloaded into C.H.I.P. There are also tons of other free apps available to further make this tiny computer become even more useful. The C.H.I.P is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. The CPU can be yours for a pledge of $9. The C.H.I.P along with a choice of add-ons such as a battery pack, monitor adapters can be had for a pledge ranging from $19 to $24. For those who wish to enjoy C.H.I.P on a portable device, there is the upcoming Pocket C.H.I.P, which comes with a 4.3″ touchscreen display, QWERTY keyboard and a 5-hour battery pack, all for a pledge of $49. Early adopters can get their hands on the C.H.I.P around December this year when the first batch rolls out. Others will have to wait sometime in May of 2016.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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