Intelligent Design Titanium Mouse

Many people usually never mind the common PC mouse most of the time. Just as long as it is functional and usable, then all is fine. But there are also others who may be very particular about the mouse they use. For those people who are particular about elegance in design for their PC mouse or any other device for that matter, one can never complain having the Titanium Mouse from Dutch company Intelligent Design.

The Intelligent Design Titanium is one elegant and striking PC mouse at first glance. More than just functional, the Titanium Mouse is designed for elegance and luxury. It is encased in high quality titanium and a scroll wheel made out of a special neodymium magnet. If you like to have one, then you might need a lot more than just some lunch money you set aside. For all its luxury, the Titanium Mouse costs 399 Euros or around US$509. It is available at Intelligent Design if you like to have it or have some pile of money around that you simply need to spend.

Image Source: Intelligent Design

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