Intel Compute Stick PC

Intel Compute Stick PCWhen you speak of personal computers, you usually have desktop computers in mind. But as technology in this sector advances and develops, it seems that this concept is slowly muddled up. People nowadays use their smartphones or tablets more than they do desktops. It somehow may be changing what people consider as their personal computing device. Even CPU’s are becoming more portable and handy, quite a departure from those bulky desktop CPU’s that are fast becoming outdated. There are now portable pocket CPU’s like this new and upcoming Intel Compute Stick PC that people may prefer having someday.

Intel has recently announced that it is developing its own version of a portable pocket CPU. Called the Intel Compute Stick, this pocket computing device is just four inches long but comes with powerful features that many desktop CPU’s also have. The Intel Compute Stick comes with a powerful yet power-efficient Quad Core Intel Atom processor. It also comes with a 2GB RAM and 32GB SSD on-board storage, built-in wireless connectivity and an additional microSD card slot for additional storage options. It also will come pre-installed with either a Windows 8.1 or Linux OS.

The Intel Compute Stick can turn any HDMI display into a fully functional computer. It is an ideal mini PC solution for people who are always on the go. The plug and play features of this portable pocket PC makes it convenient and easy to use. You only need to look for display devices with an HDMI slot to use a computer you can bring along. The Intel Compute Stick PC is now available at selected retailers for around $150.

Image Source: Intel

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