Insteon Home Automation Starter Kit

Insteon Starter KitMany people are now excited about creating a smart home. They like the idea of controlling gadgets and appliances inside the home while away on a trip or at the office. Joining portable devices such as smartphones or tablets to online connectivity, this feature on a Web-connected home allows people to have the means of control over gadgets and devices connected to the home network. This is more or less how the Insteon Home Automation Starter Kit works.

The Insteon Home Automation Starter Kit is a way for people to create a smart home. It is a home automation kit that gives you the means to control appliances and devices at home even while away. The Insteon Starter Kit comes with a SmartLinc controller, a LampLinc dual-band dimmer and a dual-band access point range extender. It works with any Insteon compatible product such as lights, IP cameras and others. Other appliances can connect to the Insteon network using a plug-in module. The Insteon Home Automation system allows you to control and monitor your home using your smartphone or tablet using an application. Users can turn lights on or off, adjust room temperature or control other home appliances through their portable device even while away from home. Compatible sensors can also be added into the network to alert homeowners with a text message in cases where it detects motion within the home vicinity, doors or windows are opened or when there is a water leak detected.

The Insteon Home Automation system is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

This system is designed to be scalable that users may be able to add in new dimmers, lights thermostats and sensors over time. In short, homeowners can create a smart home conveniently without having to change the general makeup of their current home. The Insteon Starter Kit is available at BestBuy for US$100.

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