Instagram Video: App Updates with Moving, Filtered Clips

We reported days ago that Instagram might be trying to steal thunder from Vine by incorporating video into the app. Starting today, your social media feeds is slowly being littered with Instagram video clips.

In an effort to beat Vine in its own game, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app has integrated video recording to its iOS and Android versions. The app can record up to 15-second clips, which can be edited using filters before sharing them on Instagram, along with other social networking services including Facebook and Twitter (which owns Vine).

After the app update that would integrate Instagram video is installed, you would notice how the UI looks almost the same except when you hit the camera button, you get to choose between a still camera or video camera. Just like in Vine, simply hold down the video camera icon to record, then release it to pause so they can readjust the shot before starting the recording session again.

You can choose from 13 video filters, which can make your clips brighter or into black-and-white. You can also select a single frame from the video that you can use as the cover (the photo that would appear in the stream).

If there is one thing that Instagram video outdoes Vine, it would have to be the Cinema Mode, which stabilizes videos to make sure you do no end up with a shaky clips. The Cinema Mode feature is only available in the iOS version, for now.

By default, Instagram plays its video clips when you stop scrolling, but you can disable this auto-play feature in the settings and instead lets you play the clips when you tap on it.

Will the Instagram video update become a worthy competitor for Vine? We will just have to wait on how Instagram’s 150 million users embrace this new feature.

Source: ABC News

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