Instagram to Introduce Video?

Facebook will announce something on its press event on June 20, and tongues have been wagging about the possibility of its photo-sharing app, Instagram, accommodating videos in an effort to battle with Vine.

Just like any other rumor, there is a chance this so-called “Instagram Video” could be untrue at all. TechCrunch even speculates that all this buzz could be Facebook’s deliberate attempt to cover up what it really intends to unveil in a few days.

There are indicitations, however, that Instagram might be taking that direction. Matthew Keys, former deputy social media editor for Reuters, reported last month about how such a service is being tested internally. At the time, there was no other information on whether when this new feature would be released, nor whether it would be integrated onto Instagram or would be released as a separate app. Keys also noted that each video would run for up to 10 seconds, a bit longer than Vine’s six-second clips.

It does make sense for Instagram to experiment on video, which could be a direct response to Vine’s rising popularity, along with other video-sharing services like Viddy, Cinemagram, and Socialcam. In fact, there are now more shares of Vine videos than Instagram photos on Twitter.

Facebook has declined to verify the rumors. We would have to wait on the press event itself and witness whether Facebook and Instagram have a “Vine Killer.”

Source: TechCrunch

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