Insitu ScanEagle 3 UAV

The drone has become so common nowadays that people consider it as an ordinary gadget. The technology behind this flying wonder has also developed through the years.  While most commercial drones today usually do camera work, there are new ones coming out that can do a lot more, like this new Insitu ScanEagle 3 UAV.

Heavy Duty Drone

The Insitu ScanEagle 3 UAV is a bit more than just a usual drone. This UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle, is designed to provide users with payload, mobility, and cost savings. It was developed to address the needs of certain businesses and operations. This drone features an adjustable wing that can be positioned in order to add some more flexibility of the aircraft’s center of gravity, especially when there are changes in payload capacity.

The Insitu ScanEagle 3 UAV is designed for various applications such as industrial and infrastructure inspections from the air, disaster response, maritime search and monitoring, communications relay, scientific research, and a lot more. Since it is not covered by the U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations or ITAR, it is easier to acquire for both commercial and consumer use.

The Insitu ScanEagle 3 UAV comes with a heavy fuel engine. It can fly at a cruise speed of 40 to 50 knots. It can fly at a maximum speed of 80 knots. This drone can stay up in the air for up to 18 hours. It can fly at a height of 20,000 feet or 6,096 meters. The drone can carry a maximum payload weight of 20 lbs or 9.1 kg for a total takeoff weight of 80 lbs or 36.6 kg. While the price is not yet available, it certainly cost more that your usual drone.

Image Source: Insitu

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