Insignia Infocast Internet Media Display

The Internet has become one of the main sources of information among households. It also becomes a major way for people to interact with friends, colleagues and relatives. That is why going online has become an essential household activity for most people. When it may not be possible to always gain access via the home computer, people may also go online and get their information from other devices such as the new Insignia Infocast Internet Media Display.

The Insignia Infocast Internet Media Display is a device that allows people at home to get instant access to their favorite Web-based content via its 8 inch touch screen LCD display without having to use the PC. Through the Infocast, users may be able to access news, sports, games and other online information conveniently. The device also allows users to view images and videos as well as share them with friends. The Insignia Infocast becomes quite a handy device that household members may use as an alternative option to go online. It is available at Insignia for US$170.

Image Source: Insignia

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