INQ 1Mobile Phone

INQ 1 Mobile Phone

With mobile phones becoming common gadgets, they pretty much no longer appeal to people as much as they used to. Before, mobile phones were a luxury. But now almost everyone has them. It is no longer something that is hard to come by.

What may still attract some people to mobile phones may be their newer features that others may still not have. Another would be some mobile phone that may not be available in their area. Such would be the INQ 1, a mobile phone that is not yet available in the US.

The INQ 1 is quite unique in that it is being marketed as a social Web phone. This mobile phones makes it easier for users to connect online wherever they may be. It offers Web essentials such as Facebook, Skype, which offers unlimited Skype calls via 3G and Windows Messenger connectivity to keep users always in touch and allows update views seen on the INQ 1address book.

Aside from the usual phone features, the INQ 1 mobile phone becomes quite a convenient Web companion for those who wish to stay online all the time. It is also quite inexpensive compared to other similar phones today. Too bad it is not yet available in the US. But there are plans to bring this unique mobile phone in the US by 2010 so you can still hope.

Image Source: INQMobile

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