inPulse Programmable Bluetooth Smartwatch

Most wrist watches today no longer just tell time. They have become more advanced and offer other added features that make them even more useful in one way or another. One of such watches is the new inPulse Programmable Bluetooth Smartwatch.

The new inPulse Programmable Bluetooth Smartwatch does not just feature a simple watch face where you can read and tell the time. It also features a means to make it wirelessly interact with your other devices via Bluetooth. What makes it unique is that, this smartwatch can be fully customizable to function in a variety of ways.

Aside from having available apps that can be downloaded and used by inPulse smartwatch wearers, this watch can also be directly coded by those who know how in order to customize functions to their liking. Considering that it can wirelessly connect with other devices such as laptops, smartphones and desktops, the watch can be used to interact with the other devices and perform certain tasks like updating or checking up details from one’s online social network. The possibilities are endless for a watch that can be fully programmable by its wearer to function according to one’s own liking. The inPulse Programmable Bluetooth Smartwatch is available at inPulse for US$149.

Image Source: inPulse

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