Innergie mCube Slim Universal Adapter

Charging a laptop can be a problem especially if you get your laptop cables mixed up. Some laptop cables can’t seem to work charging other laptops and vice versa. A good solution may be having a universal charging adapter handy like the Innergie mCube Slim Universal Adapter.

The Innergie mCube Slim allows you to charge a wider range of laptop brands since it features a switch for charging in 15-17 volts and on 18-21 volts output. It can be plugged on into any AC outlet and also features multiple built-in protection to ensure safe charging even during instances of unstable AC voltage. The mCube Slim also has a USB power port where you can also charge your other USB compatible portable gadgets. The mCube Slim Universal Adapter is available at Innergie for around US$100.

Image Source: Innergie

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