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If you’re into vector graphics editing but couldn’t avail of the mighty and very popular Adobe Illustrator, take heart, there’s always an alternative. Here comes Inkscape, a substitute that can perform the task greatly in an open source kind of way.

Inkscape is a free vector graphics manipulator that works similar to Freehand, CorelDraw, or Illustrator. It was introduced in 2003 as a division of Sodipodi, another vector drawing editor.


Inkscape features object creation (pen tool, pencil tool, ellipses, calligraphy tool rectangles, stars/polygons, spirals, embedded bitmaps, text tool, clones), object manipulation (Z-order operations, affine transformations, layers, grouping objects, distribution and alignment commands, copying and pasting objects), and fill and stroke (color picker tool, color selector, a gradient editor that is capable of multi-stop gradients, copy/paste style, pattern fills, path markers, dashed strokes).

The vector graphic editor also features operations on paths such as converting to path, node editing, path simplification, Boolean operations, Bitmap tracing, and path insetting and outsetting. It also has text support like multi-line text, Kerning, line spacing adjustments, letter spacing, text in shape, text on path. It also uses installed outline fonts, such as right-to-left scripts.

In terms of rendering, Inkscape features full "as you drag" rendering, alpha transparency support for PNG export and display, and fully anti-aliased display.


Inkscape’s streamlined interface as well as advanced features make this vector graphic editor a better substitute to the super expensive commercial vector graphic manipulation software. The primary objective of Inkscape is the creation of a convenient yet potent drawing tool that complies with XML.

What’s more, you can enjoy Inkscape because it is user friendly, unlike many other vector graphic editors available in the market. You can perform complex path operations, edit nodes, trace bitmaps, and much more easily and stress-free with this remarkable application. The thriving developer and user base is an evidence of an effective and successful community-oriented development approach.

Room for improvement

Inkscape is one of the best vector graphic editors these days. However, the implementation of CSS standards remains incomplete. In addition, it still lacks the many features of the topnotch commercial vector editors. Still, Inkscape is at present very appropriate for a wide array of applications. It holds a lot of promise. In fact, the software is under active development, with developers adding new features regularly.

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