Inirv React Smart Stove Knobs For A Safer Kitchen

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smart deviceCooking is an ordinary task for many people. Sometimes it can get too familiar that people can be forgetful at the height of doing a variety of tasks at the same time. It is a common occurence that a rushing homeowner can sometimes even leave the burner on and forget about it before leaving the home. Fine if he or she is able to remember it, get back home and turn the burner off. But it can be a disastrous consequences if the homeowner only realizes too late. Technology today is helping people try to address these valid concerns. That is why devices like the new Inirv React are being introduced into the smart home.

The Inirv React is a smart knob for the stove burner to allow users to have an extended access to it even while they are out or away from home. This special knob features sensors that can detect motion, gas and smoke levels and an alarm to notify homeowners if the levels pose a danger to the home. The Inirv React also connects via WiFi or Bluetooth to allow users to control it even when they are not physically present at the stove. The knobs can be controlled via an app on the smartphone, allowing people to turn the burner off even while away from the stove or the home. The motion sensor also communicates with the timer of the knob to detect whether the stove might be left on accidentally. The timer is automatically set to 15 minutes when a stove is turned on. If the device does not detect any motion or movement within that time period, the device will automatically turn the burner off.  This can greatly prevent the risks of fires in the home stemming from a stove burner accidentally left on.

The Inirv React knobs can easily be attached to any type of stove in the market. It also comes with adapters to make it compatible with any gas or electric stove. LED Halo rings act as a timer indicator and adds beauty to the device when being used. The smart knobs are heat and chemical resistant for durability. The Inirv React Smart Stove Knobs is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter. A pledge of $199 allows you an early bird package of getting 4 smart knobs and a sensor unit. It is quite a deal since this set is expected to retail for $299 once it is available on the market. Besides that, the peace of mind you’ll get having these smart devices attached to your stove is priceless.

Image Source: Kickstarter


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