Informatica Wi-Fi Detector Pen

WiFi Detector Pen

You’ve got your latest Wi-Fi-capable gadgets like a smartphone or Nintendo DS Lite, and you are searching throughout the house for a Wi-Fi hotspot. But how?

Would you be interested to know that detecting Wi-Fi hotspot can be achieved though a $20 pen? The brainy guys at Informatica Company brings out-in limited release-its Wi-Fi Detector Pen.

Before anything else, yes, it writes and functions like a regular pen. However, a simple press of its button detects WiFi signals within an area of 50 feet (or 15 meters). You know you got good signal by telling between the green, yellow, and red LEDs on the pen.

This nifty device looks impressive, especially if you try to show off with your colleagues. However, its limited range and lack of antenna may take you a while before you finally spot an area with a strong WiFi signal, which you can already do with your laptop at sometimes better results. The detector also can’t tell whether the network is open or closed.

Overall, Informatica Wi-Fi Detector Pen may appear as a must-have for every geek, but its worthiness and reliability is still questionable.

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