Infinitec Infinite USB Memory Device

Portable storage devices have become quite common nowadays, now that more and more people have quite the need for it. There seems to be quite the need for convenient file transfer as well and not just the need for larger and larger storage capacities. A unique option for this might be provided by having the Inifinitec Infinite USB Memory Device.

The Infinitec Infinite USB Memory Device, also called as IUM, may look quite like a standard USB flash drive. But it actually does more than that. It allows users to conveniently transfer files wirelessly from one PC or laptop to another.

The Infinitec Infinite IUM can be paired up with a PC or laptop . On its own, the Infinitec Infinite does not really have the capacity to store any content on it but rather makes use of the storage capacity of a paired laptop or PC that it can access via WiFi signals. When the IUM is connected to any USB equipped device, it gets detected as a standard flash drive and works that way. It can then stream files and content to and from a paired laptop , limited only to how much storage the laptop can carry. Quite a unique device to have, the Infinitec Infinite IUM is available at Infinitec for US$129.

Image Source: Infinitec

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