Inexpensive Gadget Gifts for Christmas

There are many inexpensive gadgets out there that you can buy as gifts to friends and family this Christmas. With the current recession still not letting up any time soon, you must already be thinking of limiting the gift budget for Christmas. But there are a number of quite inexpensive yet interesting gadgets out there that would make as good gifts to friends and loved ones. Here are some of them.

Victorinox SwissMemory 256 MB

This popular multi-purpose tool has just gotten in line with the times. Not only does this handy 2 1/4 inch tool include a knife blade, screwdriver, nail file scissors and key ring, it also has a 256 MB USB memory stick useful in transporting data, music and image files conveniently.

Available at Amazon for just US $14.00, the Victorinox SwissMemory multi-purpose tool and memory stick can make quite an inexpensive gift to friends for Christmas.

5 in 1 Wireless Headset

This handy and unique wireless headset can be used five ways. One, it can be used as a wireless headset when watching TV, or for CD, MP3, or DVD player.

Two, the transmitter can be used as a mic during wireless Internet chatting.

Three, this gadget can also be used as a monitoring device inside a baby’s room as well as for the elderly.

Four, the headset also functions as a stand alone FM radio. Five, the headset can also be used as a wired headphone complete with its own audio cables.

For just under US $20.00, this 5 in 1 Wireless Headset can make quite an inexpensive Christmas gift for friends.

iPod Retro Mini Speaker

For friends and loved one who can’t go out without their trusty iPods along, you may want to give them an essential accessory for their gadget such as the iPod Retro mini speaker.

For listening to the iPod where headphones are typically useless, you can have your friends this Lego block shaped iPod mini speaker as an alternative option. And for just US$ 20.00, it would make an inexpensive yet unique gadget gift this Christmas.

Nike+iPod Sports Kit

For those people you know who are seriously into their fitness regimen, the Nike+iPod Sports Kit may be a good gift choice. This kit can help make your friend’s iPod nano as a workout coach.

It includes a wireless sensor and receiver set that can be fitted into a Nike+ shoes and iPod nano to provide real time feedbacks while doing workouts and help track fitness progress on the PC. The US $29.00 price makes it quite affordable enough to buy as a gift to fitness conscious friends.

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