Induction Duo Speaker

Induction Duo SpeakerMany devices nowadays are going wireless. The hassles of having to connect devices with wires may have gone far enough for many people. The wireless route offers people a higher level of convenience when using their devices. Certain limits on where you can use these devices have been broken. With the new Induction Duo Speaker, this includes the convenience of simply placing a supported player on top of the speaker in order to connect and amplify sounds/

The Induction Duo Speaker is unique in that users need not use pairing devices or connecting wires to players in order to use the speaker. Users only need to place their device on top of the induction speaker and it will immediately amplify the sounds. This speaker makes use of external speaker of the device in order to amplify the sounds. A pair of 5-watt drivers ensures that sounds are amplified as loud enough as people would like it to be. The Induction Duo Speaker also comes with a 6-hour battery life, more than enough to use for bringing and sharing music wherever you go ad even as a portable home speaker. It is available at Red5 for 25 UK Pounds or around $38.

Image Source: Red5

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