India Introduces “Proudly Indian-Made” Tablet, Costs $35

For months, India has been trying to develop a tablet that is meant to cost dirt cheap. After several delays, the government has finally revealed the final result of its blood, sweat, and tears.

The Sakshat super-basic tablet was a result of an international collaboration with the help of globalized creation tools. The initial 100,000 units is expected to be shipped throughout the subcontinent this summer, with 10,000 units would be sent to the largest state of Rajasthan. The official price would be 2,200 rupees or around $50. The Indian government, however, is planning a 50% subsidy on the tablets, thus bringing the cost down to an estimate of $35.

This project aims to provide cheap tablets for Indians, a vision that is similar to that of the One Laptop Per Child.

Source:, via CrunchGear

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