IMU Vibrating Speaker

IMU vibrating speaker

The IMU Vibrating Speaker is one of the most innovative speakers in the market today.The cool thing about this device is that it has the ability to make any of the hard surfaces into a slab of home audio entertainment. What we love about this is the fact that it can even turn your car into something like that. Even an old wooden box will do. 

The IMU Vibrating Speaker has Ternefol-D which is put inside an aluminum casing and wrapped around in a coil. Once you turn on its power, the Ternefol expands.

Once the Ternefol reacts, it then creates a force that has the capability to transmit electric signals into mechanical energy. In layman’s term, the signals are the music that is being fed into it and the vibrations are the energy released. The hard surface then picks up the vibration where it gets amplified. Voila!

Portable audio devices like MP3 players or laptops can be hooked up into this gizmo, creating a maximum output of about 30 watts. From there, you can feel the table or whatever furniture it may be shake. The IMU Vibrating Speaker is available online at It costs at about $72.

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