Impossible Folding Electric Bike

Impossible Folding Electric BikeCrowdfunding sites have been the place where people can find unique devices and gadgets nowadays. Ideas that most established companies will not consider can get some much needed exposure through such sites. These quirky devices can even get the necessary funding for their production. One such unique gadget that you can now find at the crowdfunding site Kickstarter is the Impossible Folding Electric Bike.

The Impossible Folding Electric Bike has a striking name that says a lot of what it is and what the company does. Impossible Technology is coming up with a unique concept for an electric bike that users can fold and fit into a backpack. Impossible has a unique design that allows users to fold it up into a size compact enough for carrying inside a backpack. When unpacked for riding, the design for Impossible can carry weight of up to 85kg. good enough for one person.

As an electric bike, the Impossible comes equipped with ten 2,900 mAh batteries that will allow this folding electric bike to travel at speeds up to 12.4 mph for 45 minutes. At normal speed, the bike can go for up to 15.6 miles on a single charge.

The Impossible Folding Electric Bike also comes with a tiny brushless electric motor to provide the power for the bike to move. It is a special motor designed specifically for the Impossible bike to keep it compact. People may find this new electric bike concept interesting enough that it might just get popular someday. Heading to its Kickstarter site, it certainly is getting a lot of attention based on its current amount of pledges received, nearly five times its initial funding target. It may just get bigger with still a month left to go for the funding campaign. People who pledge CAD$430 to the project may be able to get hold of the first Impossible Folding Electric Bike in production. Delivery for the first units is slated for august of next year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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