iMM173, Hi-Fi Dual Alarm Clock for iPhone and iPod

Introducing the iLuv Dual Alarm Clock Dock Station, also known as iMM173.  This iPhone docking station also accommodates your iPod at the same time, and even comes with a built-in FM radio and alarm clock.  You can even let your devices charge in this unique iPod docking station while you sleep and your gadget will play your favorite music to wake you up.

There are so many possibilities in using your iPhone and iPod. Not only you can use them as multimedia players, you can also turn the iPhone into a telescope, or your iPod into a fashion accessory. But it does not stop there, as new cellphone accessories are becoming readily available to maximize the use of your iPhone and iPod. So, how about an alarm clock?

Mobile phone accessories maker iLuv introduces its iMM173, a multifunctional docking device for your iPhone and iPod. Not only can you use it as additional speakers for your iPhone and iPod, but also an FM radio and even an alarm clock. You can even charge your iPhone and iPod (even at the same time) while they are playing without even shutting them down.

The iMM173 also comes with an LCD display that shows the time and other features like the FM station megahertz. You can present up to eight favorite stations. As an alarm clock, it can be set to sleep or wake mode, playing your kind of music either through you iPhone, iPod, or FM radio as the alarm goes off.

Imagine charging your devices as you sleep at night, then waking up in the morning either with an alarm buzzer or with your favorite tunes. However, this docking device is only compatible with any iPod with dock connector, excluding the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation iPod.

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