iMainGo X Portable Speakers

Portable speakers may seem to be all the same. But there are also those that offer more than just a portable audio output source for your portable gadgets. There are other speakers like that new iMainGo X that may also double as a protective casing for your portable player.

When looking at the iMainGo X, you might think that it is just a common casing where you can put your portable gadgets. But it is actually a portable speaker with its own amplifier and with speakers specially tuned to provide outstanding bass sound. It also has its own lithium ion battery that can go for up to 12 hours in between charges. The casing is made out of Neoprene material for better water resistance. The iMainGo X may also look quite unique as it closely resembles a Walkman cassette player in terms of design. The other side features a clear back to allow users to get access to on-unit controls of portable media players like the iPod. The iMainGo X Portable Speaker System is available at Portable Sound Laboratories for US$70.

Image Source: iMainGo

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