ilumi LED Smartbulbs

ilumiLight is important to modern life. But it is a common luxury that people sometimes just take it for granted. A temporary power outage can sometimes put us into our senses, making us realize just how important light of any kind will be in the dark. But the modern light that we know today has somehow operated the same way as decades ago. You turn a light switch on or off and that is it. That typical light bulb may need some bit of innovation to make them even more compelling products for the modern home. The ilumi LED Smartbulbs can do just that.

The ilumi LED Smartbulbs are unique LED builds that does more than just providing light when needed. This new smart light bulb features LED bulbs that consume 13W of power to provide lighting comparable to a 60W incandescent bulb. But there are more to the ilumi LED Smartbulbs that make them stand out from the rest. The LED bulbs can be tuned to a wide selection of colors and can be adjusted for dimness. They come with Bluetooth connectivity to allow users to control the lights using the ilumi app. With the app, there are many different ways users can control how their home lighting behaves. They can adjust the ilumi LED Smartbulbs to change into colored lighting according to their moods. Users can also adjust the ilumi to accompany the smartphone alarm going off in the morning.

The ilumi LED Smartbulbs can even be set to pulse according to the music you are listening to. When you go on vacation, the LED smartbulbs can also be set to turn on at certain intervals to make it look like there are people inside as a possible burglar deterrent. The ilumi LED Smartbulbs can also sense if there are people inside a room and can automatically turn off to save on power. There are other features to be into the app to give users of the ilumi LED Smartbulbs different other ways to interact with lighting a smart home. The ilumi LED Smartbulbs are available at ThinkGeek in small and large models, which go for $90 and $100, respectively.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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