iKit NuCharge Case For iPhone 4

Most smart phone cases only aim to make those phones look better along with providing a protective covering. This is quite an essential especially for a valuable mobile device like the new Apple iPhone 4. But an iPhone 4 case like the new iKit NuCharge would probably be better.

The iKit NuCharge iPhone 4 Case is designed not only to provide protection and add some coolness factor to your iPhone 4. It is also designed to double the phone’s battery life. The iKit NuCharge comes with its own slim battery that provides a powerful 1,400 mAh of power. A built-in on and off switch on the NuCharge can help conserve battery power further if not in use. The iKit NuCharge iss currently available for pre-orders at iKit for US$65. The first batch of this iPhone 4 case will ship around March of this year.

Image Source: iKit

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