Ikea PS Laptop Workstation for The Space Challenged

Ikea laptop workstation

For the young and not-so-rich, that means tight living conditions and a tight budget. Your tight budget and tight living conditions mean that you have problems with worrisome enough, where to store your precious gadgets just adds to those problems.

Fortunately at Ikea, they offer solutions to just about any kind of storage or furniture problems you may have. And for those of you who have workspace problems, and have no room for a full desk, Ikea has the answer. Ikea PS provides you with the space to set your laptop and even work for a few hours.

The Ikea PS simply mounts to the wall and when it is closed up, it looks just like a tiny locker. When opened, it has a small tray on which to set your laptop. It also has a few small compartments where you can put your speakers or other knick-knacks. The Ikea PS comes in red and white and is available in Ikea stores or online for $59.99.

Image Source: ikea.com/us/en

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