iHome iP3 Speaker And Docking Station

Many portable speaker systems for your iPod or iPhone seem to offer almost the same features. Aside from being docking stations, the speakers may just sometimes offer so-so audio quality. But if you prefer more kick for speakers, you may want to have the new iHome iP3.

The iHome iP3 is a docking station and speaker system for your iPod or iPhone. But unlike most similar gadgets of its kind, the iHome iP3 packs a lot more in terms of sound output. Instead of the usual low wattage speaker, the iHome iP3 this time packs up to 50W of audio power to two 3.5″ coaxial neodymium speakers for better and louder sound that you might prefer. It features the Bongiovi Digital Power Station technology that scans audio and then restores details usually lost in most compressed audio formats. The iHome iP3 Docking Station is available at iHome Audio for US$200.

Image Source: iHome

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