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Are you that type of consumer who buys something according to mood? Have you ever bought an item that perfectly matched your mood the day you made the purchase, but did not suit it afterwards? Are you stuck with a product that is cheery and sunny when you might want something less bubbly? Well, you will never have to worry with iHome iH15W Color Changing iPod Dock.

With this cool iPod dock by iHome, you will have to figure out what color goes with your mood for the day. This unique translucent cube design illuminates beautiful rainbow colors, providing you with a warming atmosphere for both your mood and your music. You can select one color or let it cycle through all of them. A passive subwoofer and two Reson8 speakers enhance the sound quality, giving you great experience.

The iHome iH15W Color Changing iPod Dock measures 5.47 x 5.47 x 5.47 inches (WxHxD) and is powered by an AC adapter. Although the iPod dock does not support iPod models manufactured in 2003 or earlier, this fun gadget covers the rest of the iPods. So check compatibility before buying. The iPod dock retails for only $59.99 from iHome audio.

Image Source: iHome

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