iHome iB969 Charging Station

With people having more and more portable devices at home, it can get pretty complicated trying to charge them up when needed. Aside from using the right type of charger for them, having enough available outlets to plug them into can be quite a challenge. That is why having a charging station that can charge up multiple devices at any one time can prove to be quite useful.

The iHome iB969 Charging Station aims to accommodate charging most of today’s popular devices. It features dual universal docks that can charge your iPhone or iPod as well as sync it up to iTunes. There is also a second dock that can be used to quick charging your iPod or iPhone. There are also docks and adapters available that can accommodate USB supported devices as well as for most ebook readers. The iHome iB969 can even charge the new iPad which includes its own built-in stand. This useful charging station is available at iHome for US$129.

Image Source: iHome

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