iFetch Ball Launcher Dog Trainer

iFetch Dog LauncherDog lovers like their pets to be well-behaved. But some dogs just like to have fun and are full of energy that some people find it too tiring. For people with very energetic dogs, training them with some physical activity such as fetch may help put all that energy into more meaningful use. If not, dogs can become a destructive bunch if they do not use that energy into good use. To make it more convenient for people to train their dogs, this iFetch Ball Launcher will certainly be a good dog training device to have at home.

The iFetch Ball Launcher can help you train your dog the art of fetching. With this device, you do not even have to throw the ball for your dog to fetch. The iFetch is an interactive on-demand ball launcher capable of shooting miniature tennis balls 10 to 30 feet away. It is designed for dog to easily place the ball into the machine. This way, dogs can play fetch all by themselves if they need the exercise and expend some energy. Your kids will also have fun playing fetch with your dog using the iFetch. This device runs on batteries and can also be plugged on an outlet. It powers up on demand when you or your dog places a ball into the chute and ready for launching. The iFetch can be adjusted to shoot balls at different distances, making it ideal for different environments. This unique dog training device is currently obtaining some funding on Kickstarter. For those interested, they can pre-order the iFetch for US$75, which includes 3 iFetch balls and a wall adapter. Shipping and availability is expected to be around October and during the holidays.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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