“If This Then That” App Comes to iPhone

If This Then That app

If This Then That app

If This Then That, a web-based service that makes apps and other web-based services work more efficiently for the user, is now available as an app for the iPhone.

Affectionately known as IFTTT, If This Then That lets you connect two services together according to specific parameters. For instance, users can ask IFTTT to save all photos they upload to Flickr in their Dropbox or post Instagram photos as native Twitter pics (a clever solution in making your Instaphotos visible right on the Twitter feed).

The connections, most of which are user-created, are called “recipes.” Simply specify the “this” and the “that” in the equation to create a recipe.

The IFTTT for iPhone app adds support for Contacts, Photos, and Reminders, allowing users to set If This Then That up to interact with those functions either by each other or with other apps. For instance, every time you take an image using the phone’s forward-facing camera, you have the photo backed up on Google Drive automatically.

If This Then That has so many possible recipes (with over 100,000 created so far), the app features a section where other user-create recipes can be accessed and utilized as well. The app also displays a timeline of all the recipes the it has accomplished, as well as suggested recipes the service thinks would be particularly useful to you.

The IFTTT app is now available for free in the App Store.

Source: Mashable

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