If Only All Pico Projectors Look This Cute

This cute little thing is made for awesome. Introducing “Pico,” a three-in-one concept that functions as a pico projector, video camera, and cute accessory. Its two eyes feature a projector on the left and a camera on the right, while the smile serves as its microphone and its feet that folds out so it can stand on its own. Fold the feet in when not in use to cover its external connector jacks. Users can even plug a small tripod into it for more stability.

By design, Pico can record and present at the same time. It also has the ability to work without a laptop or other computers, as well as a full-size display to view your menu navigation.

Again, it is just a concept design, but we are very sure some company would pick up on this. Who could resist its cuteness, much more the cleverness of its design?

Source: Yanko Design, via Engadget

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