iF Mode Folding Bicycle

More people would surely be fond of riding bicycles if only they can take it with them wherever they go. Riding it is easy, but finding some available storage space when not being used is not. If that seems to be the problem, then the iF Mode Folding Bicycle may offer some welcome alternative.

While there may be already a number of folding bicycles available out there, the iF Mode Folding Bicycle may be unique in some aspects. One of them is that it can be folded easily in a matter of seconds and ready for proper storage. This folding bike features a stylish monocoque frame that comes with a single action swing arm. This feature allows users to flip out or collapse the bike I just around 3 seconds. The wheels link together when folded, making it possible to wheel-in the bike for storage rather than just carrying it. The iF Mode Folding Bicycle is currently available for pre-order at Firebox. It costs 1,700 UK Pounds or around US$2771.

Image Source: Firebox

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