iEqualizer: iPhone 5 Case with Equalizer

There can never be too many iPhone cases, especially when the new ones come up with unique features that cannot be found in rival cases. Take the iEqualizer, for instance. True to its name, this iPhone 5 case from Japanese-based company Strapya World features rows of blinking lights that simulate a graphic equalizer.

Yep, it is not an actual equalizer. While it responds to sounds like your phone’s ringtone, external noises, or a conversation, it cannot seem to pick up certain frequencies. Nevertheless, it gives off a pretty cool effect, especially in a dark club.

The iEqualizer is powered by its own button-sized batteries, so you would not have to worry about this case eating up your iPhone 5’s battery power.

The downside of the iPhone 5 case is that is bulks up your svelte smartphone to twice its thickness and even comes with a chunky plastic appendage at the top that serves as the iEqualizer’s on-and-off switch. If you actually want to adjust your iPhone 5’s equalizer, check the phone’s audio settings.

The iEqualizer is now available for preorder, with an expected shipping in late March or early April, for only $32.30.

Source: Gizmodo, via Mashable

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