IDAPT i4 Multi-Charger

With people having more and more electronic gadgets and devices around, it pays to have a multi-charger around. The more devices it can charge simultaneously would probably be the better choice. That is why IDAPT has recently come out with the convenience offered by its new IDAPT i4 multi-charger.

The IDAPT i4 multi-charger is quite versatile in that it can charge almost all the most popular portable gadgets around. From your portable music players to a variety of mobile phones, the IDAPT i4 can accommodate any gadget for charging, thanks to its interchangeable charging port with different adapters available for your different devices. Not only that, its unique feature is that it can simultaneously charge up four gadgets at any one time, making it a convenient device to have around a home full of gadgets always lying around. The IDAPT i4 multi-charger is set to be made available sometime in May and is expected to be priced at around US$60.

Image Source: IDAPT


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