Icy Tower 2 Android Game App

Most people look into game apps to kill time when they have nothing to do. Such games need not be something that players need to finish in order to appreciate it. These casual time killers only takes a few minutes at a time to enjoy, and then again if some vacant time presents itself on other days. Such game apps include the Icy Tower 2 game app for Android devices.

The Icy Tower 2 Android game app is an interesting and fun casual game app that employs a jumping game. This vertical moving game app has the character moving up through a maze of platforms that make up the Icy Tower. The objective is simply to go up further and further without falling back down. The players can catch up coins, power ups as well as perform stunts while trying to go up the Icy Tower.

The game app makes use of easy and smooth tilt or touch controls to keep things moving on the game. Characters can be customized to fit the player’s personality by changing their clothes. There are many things to buy at the store with the coins collected in game. The Icy Tower 2 Android game app is available at Google Play for free download.

Image Source: Google Play

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