iControlPad BT Game Controller For Mobile Phones

With smart phones becoming more like small computers, people have already find many other uses from them other than just a typical device to make calls. People have now used them even to play games. But some games on mobile phones may not always be as convenient because of the small buttons. For better game play, the iControlPad BT Game Controller may provide a suitable option.

The iControlPad BT is a game controller designed for use with current smart phone models. It supports most phone models with Bluetooth connectivity. It features a Digital Dpad, 2 analog nubs, 6 face buttons and 2 rear buttons for different game play controls. With most smart phones today having more and more mobile games available, the iControlPad provides a more convenient way of playing them. This unique device is available at the iControlPad site for US$75.

Image Source: iControlPad

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