Iconic Nokia 3310 Updated and Relaunched

new nokia phone

new nokia phoneDuring the mobile phones early history, Nokia stood to be the model that most people all over the world knew. They were the company that came out with the coolest mobile phones that established the standard and became quite popular. Many of their mobile phone models have become classics and even became historical icons. One of them is the very popular Nokia 3310 mobile phone.

Although the popularity of the brand has waned over the years, especially with the smartphones taking over the market, there is still that nostalgic feeling whenever Nokia comes to mind. Based on such attachment, a company has reintroduced and launched an updated Nokia 3310 phone into the market.

HMD Global, a Finnish start up, will be introducing a new version of the iconic Nokia 3310 mobile phone under a licensing agreement with Nokia. Unlike the classic predecessor, the new Nokia 3310 is updated to also include web browsing and a host of other features like a 2 MP camera. The new Nokia 3310 model still evokes that classic design reminiscent of the old Nokia 3310, albeit more streamlined and with a 2.4-inch colored display. It also has a better battery that can last for days without having to reach out for that charger every now and then.

Let it be known that the new Nokia 3310 is a feature phone and is not designed to compete with any of the smartphones of today. It offers the basic functions such as text messaging and making calls using a better interface and with upgraded technology. The new Nokia 3310  is for those who yearn for the simplicity of past mobile phones as well as for people who are happy fools for nostalgia. The new Nokia 3310 phone is currently available in Europe and Asia. It is priced around 49 Euros or around US$52.

Image Source: Nokia

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