iCEphone: The Medical Phone


The iCEphone is one handy device that can be used in different forms because it has many functions. It also comes with a stylish and exquisite design. It is created in such a way so that the users will not have a difficult time in adopting to it.

As a micro-notebook, the iCEphone can be used as both a desktop and in a handheld mode. It can fold out when used in the former, or it can tuck itself underneath when used in the latter mode. It offers a large screen, a mouse, a touch typing and multi-key strokes and a windows mobile.

As a touch phone, the iCEphone includes a 3.1 MP camera which offers a great variety of multimedia options. Its 3G features make it compatible with the latest technology and connectivity.

But that’s not all. The iCEphone can also be used to play games on. Plus, it is also set for satellite navigation functions via GPS.

The price of the iCEphone is yet to be announced on May 2009.

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