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icephone headset

The good thing about technology is that it has the ability to make life simple. Much like what the iCEphone Handset has to offer. It is the ideal phone for everyone out there.

This new gizmo combines connectivity, office operations and entertainment in one. It is everything that a user wants to have in a phone.

With a QWERTY keyboard design, it ensures convenience among users out there. It also has a GPS and navigation systems which helps users have an idea about the mapping information regarding destinations.

Additionally, it provides optimal gaming experience through the widescreen display, joystick and directional and functions buttons. Meanwhile, its Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Applications also makes it the preferable phone for business people out there.

It has an Instant Messaging feature as well as MMS and SMS. What makes it even more convenient is its touchscreen display that is 38.88 x 64.8 millimeters and has a high resolution courtesy of its ability to support 264k of colors.

The iCEphone Handset also has a 3.1 megapixel camera, tool and programs for photo editing and video calls. Another big plus is its bluetooth technology.

This phone has a dimension of 127 x 60.8 x 23.3 millimeters and weighs at around 210 grams. Having a 3-paneled design, it comes in five colors: amber, pink green and black. Since the phone is going to be released on the second quarter of next year, its price is yet to be disclosed.

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