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Some people not only want to have the coolest gadgets, but also the cutest high-tech devices they could get their hands on.  These cutesy gadgets can also be less expensive than the similar, more mainstream versions but at least you can make your device a cool topic for discussion. 

One such cute gadget is the iBlock, a MP3 player that is shaped like a Lego brick.  The studs on top of the brick has a music function from play, pause, volume adjust, among others.  In fact, even strangers may exclaim how cool your gadget is as they pass by.  It also adds a nostalgic appeal as you reminisce these toy blocks that you probably have played during childhood.

Start your listening pleasure by transferring your favorite tunes from your PC, using an USB connection, to your iBlock.  You can also charge it by plugging the iBlock to your PC, all without added software.  However, you need a microSD card to store your music to this MP3 player as it does not have internal memory.  The iBlock is available in Black and White, and it costs £29.99 (about $44). 

Image source:  CuteGedgets.co.uk

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