i2i Stream Wireless Audio

i2i Stream

i2i Stream wireless audio offers users a unique way of conveniently streaming music files into a variety of sound outputs without the use of wires. You may have your usual portable media player and your earphones with you when you listen to music. But what if you wish to share your listening pleasure with a friend or you wish to listen to them over bigger speakers? How would you be able to do it? Well, you can try i2i Stream to handle the job for you.

What i2i Stream does is it offers you the means to connect your handy mp3 player to another audio gadget such as a home theater system or a PC speaker without using wires. The i2i Stream is composed of two units that send and receive signals from each other wirelessly. You simply connect one unit of the i2i Stream to a chosen audio source and the other to your chosen audio output gadget such as stereo speaker or an earphone.

You then set the two units of the i2i Stream to the same channel and you can listen to files coming from an audio source right into your i2i Stream wirelessly. There are seven different available channels on the i2i Stream. There is no need to set up wires to connect your gadgets. Just your i2i Stream would do fine. Music can also be broadcasted to other i2i Streams using the same channel. It’s available at i2i for around US$120.

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