i-mate Jama 201 Smartphone

i-mate Jama 201

The i-mate Jama 201 PDA is another unique gadget that provides users with a unique experience when it comes to using a personal digital assistant. The Jama 201 is an ultra slim gadget that also features a striking oversized screen that offers crystal crisp QVGA display for a clearer and more convenient view when checking out emails, web pages as well as office documents. The device is powered by a Samsung 300 MHz processor for a quick and smoother PDA experience.

The i-mate Jama 201 PDA is also equipped with a full QWERTY to allow composing emails and lengthier emails and documents quicker and more convenient. It also comes with a 2.0 mega pixel camera to allow users to take instant captures of images anywhere. And as a capable PDA, the i-mate Jama 201 is also equipped with various applications that allow users to create, access and read important business data and information while on the go.

The Jama 201 is also a smart phone that runs on the Windows Mobile 6 Standard. It is also capable of sending and receiving SMS as well as MMS communication. Aside from its built-in memory, this gadget comes with an additional memory expansion slots to store more files and data. It can also be used as a multimedia device that supports MP3, WMA, and MPEG audio and video file formats.

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