i-gotU GT200e GPS Travel Logger

GPS devices have gotten quite common nowadays. Now it is only up to manufacturers to create quite unique ways to use GPS technology to appeal more to people in different ways. Such is what you may find from the unique i-gotU GT200e Travel Logger.

The i-gotU GT200e Travel Logger from device maker Mobile Action is as unique as its name. It is equipped with GPS navigation that allows it determine your current location. But it does more than just that. It also helps provide a log of the places that you went through and keeps that data logged inside its 64MB internal flash memory. It is also able to store 262,000 way points. The i-gotU GT200e Travel Logger can also be synched up with 3D Google Maps and Google Earth so that you may be able to use the logged in data and provide a visual map of your journey or the places that you have been to.

This unique travel logger also works and is compatible with most digital cameras and mobile phones. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, you can use the igotU GT200e travel logger to provide location data whenever you take pictures and use that data to organize your shots which you can also present and share with your friends online through Google Maps and Google Earth. It is also designed to be water resistant so that you need not worry about using it during rainy days or when you go to the beach. The igotU GT200e Travel Logger is available at Amazon for US$100.

Image Source: Mobile Action

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