i-Got-Control Universal Remote Accessory For iPhone

iPhone accessories now come one in a dozen due to its popularity. But not all of them may provide a level of usefulness that one may wish to have. But there are other accessories for the iPhone such as the i-Got-Control Universal Remote that may just offer a unique and interesting use for your iPhone or iTouch.

The i-Got-Control is a plug and play IRB1 accessory that provides support for the iPhone, iTouch and even the upcoming iPad. When connected to the iPhone and with the associated iTunes application installed on it, the i-Got-Control can transform your iPhone into a universal learning remote control. It gives your iPhone the ability to control possibly any infrared device such as the TV, stereo system or other gadgets that uses an infrared for its system controls. This unique iPhone accessory is available at i-Got-It for US$70.

Image Source: i-Got-It

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