Hydrofloors Movable Floor System

Getting some more added floor space to existing ones at home is actually a genuine concern for many people. For those who can afford it, doing so may be as easy as building up additional floor space. But here’s a idea that even rich people with indoor pools would find interesting and would highly consider the next time the try to look for additional floor space.

Hydrofloors is a unique concept that may not be entirely new. This movable floor system allows indoor pool owners to add up some additional floor space that they ca use right above the pool. After all, that indoor pool, when not in use, does indeed provide quite unrealized floor space if you really think about it. That is what Hydrofloors aims to address.

Hydrofloors offers a system that allows a movable floor covering a whole indoor pool to come up with the use of hidden motors to slowly lift the whole pool floor up. It then covers the whole indoor pool area and converts its into useable floor space. You can check out the Hydrofloors site for a better demonstration of the concept. There is no information available on how much such an installation would cost .

Image Source: Hydrofloors

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