Hydro Physio Lifestyle Exercise Machine

Hydro Physio Lifestyle Exercise Machine

Hydro Training has been tested and proven for several years. Hence the production of the Hydro Physio Lifestyle which is a state-of-the-art and very unique rehabilitation and training device where users train in water together with a treadmill. This new working out device aims to give many benefits in improving fitness, health and well being. It also boost muscular strength with little adverse effects.

This brand new working out device works in a way that the variable water heights also enables different muscle groups to be worked on. The design combines the unique benefits of exercising in water with a stylish treadmill. This results in exceptional levels of health, fitness and wellbeing. Adjustability of water depth, treadmill speed and current jet resistance are fully programmable in this intelligent system that is intuitive to use.

Image Source: hydrophysio.com


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