Hydrao Smart Showerheads Tell You How Much Water You’ve Used

smart showerhead

smart showerheadThere are many smart devices now being made available in the market.  A lot of them were developed as a way to help people build a smart home, a gadget at a time. Even when you take a bath in the shower, you may now have an opportunity to have an advanced device fitted inside. You only need to get one of the unique Hydrao Smart Showerheads from French company Smart and Blue.

The Hydrao Smart Showerhead can help you become more eco-friendly and show care for the environment. What it does is help you become more aware of your water usage every time you take a shower. LED lights indicators built into the showerhead will tell you if you have already used too much water. The LED light changes color according to the amount of water you may have already used- from green, to blue, to purple, and then to red. It provides you with a visual cue to how much water is saved or wasted. It makes you aware when it may be time to stop showering because it can be easy for people to stay too long under the shower without being aware of it.

The Hydrao Smart Showerhead can also connect with Alexa, which is Amazon’s voice-activated digital assistant. When you ask how much water you’ve already used on Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant will communicate with the smart showerhead to tell you how much you’ve saved, or wasted for that matter. The Hydrao Smart  Showerhead is available in different versions which will start at $90.

Image Source: Hydrao

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