The Hydra SmartBottle Is More Than You Can Ask For

smart water bottle

smart water bottleGadgets become popular either by virtue of their form or their function. Looks and features can make or break a gadget in terms of catching the attention of the public. Some products can lack in the appeal department in many ways. Being unique is certainly one feature that can help get some attention. It all depends on how this feature is highlighted in different gadgets that can spell the difference between a good or bad product. Sometimes, you can’t just make up your mind, especially when you learn about what the Hydra SmartBottle can do.

The Hydra SmartBottle is not your typical water bottle. Heck, it may not even be close to what you think a SmartBottle should be. This high tech water bottle comes with features that will surprise you. First off, the Hydra SmartBottle can also act as a portable lantern, with LED bulbs  that can flash red, produce a cool white light or made to light up alternating in cycles of red, blue, or green for use in a party atmosphere. It also comes with a base that also acts as a wireless Bluetooth speaker with speakerphone features. Its built-in 4,000 mAh battery also acts as a powerbank to recharge your other devices when needed. It even comes with a hidden compartment to store cash and keys.

These features make the Hydra SmartBottle anything but typical. Users can have many fun uses for it aside from storing 20 oz. of water for drinking. It is safe to say that this high tech water bottle is anything but typical. The Hydra SmartBottle is available at Think Geek for $60.

Image Source: Think Geek

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