HYDAWAY Pocket-sized Water Bottle

HYDAWAY Pocket-sized Water BottleIt pays to come prepared whenever you are going somewhere. Whether it is hiking in the woods, taking a walk around the block or planning an evening jog, people always need to bring along a water bottle for hydration. But sometimes, some water bottles can be quite bulky and a hassle to bring along when empty. It can take up some valuable space in a backpack. If you have this concern when it comes to your water bottle, the HYDAWAY Pocket-sized Water Bottle is something you might find quite useful.

The HYDAWAY Pocket-sized Water Bottle is a convenient water bottle that collapses when it is not in use. This makes it an ideal traveling companion since it can easily be stored in one’s pocket or bag without taking too much space. It is even a good way to bring along during your flights. No more confiscated water bottles as you enter the boarding area to get in your flight. You only need to finish off the contents of your HYDAWAY Pocket-sized Water Bottle and fold it for storage. Once you get through, you just pop up your water bottle open and fill it up at the nearest water fountain.

The HYDAWAY Pocket-sized Water Bottle is a convenient way to have a water bottle always available when you need a drink or to hydrate yourself. There is no need to buy bottled water every time you feel thirsty if there is a water fountain available. You also can contribute to keeping the planet cleaner by having a reusable water bottle instead of a disposable one. The HYDAWAY Pocket-sized Water Bottle is currently in Kickstarter for a crowdfunding campaign. You can have one in several of the available colors by pledging around $20 into its campaign. It is expected to be available by August of this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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