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It is hurricane season again and now is the right time to make plans in case a storm hits your region. Your main objective is to ensure you and your family’s safety. You can start by tracking hurricanes online. But there is a better way to track the movement of such natural phenomenon: tracking software on your computer, such as Tracking the Eye and Eye of the Storm 3000. This software has expanded features and offers much better views than anything available on the Internet.

Tracking the Eye can be downloaded free from It features NHC satellite images and real time data, Latest Real Track, Current Position, Tropical Weather Outlook, Official NHC Prediction Path, Public Advisories, Strike Probabilities, and Forecasts. You can save all data to your PC and setup alerts to your e-mail and mobile phone to inform you of the latest hurricane development. The service will cost you $35 for the first year, and $20 for the following years.

Eye of the Storm also provides you with all the satellite images, tracking information, advisories, etc. This software is user-friendly and gives you exceptional graphics. It also allows you to zoom in on and rotate the earth, and display day or night views. It also has three different kinds of maps, allowing for customization depending on your taste and location. With this software, you can research more than 2,000 historical hurricane tracks from 1851.Eye of the Storm does not require to subscribe and pay annual Internet download services. They are free after purchasing the program, which costs $40.

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